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BMG Semi Gantry Crane

  • Introduction:

The BMG semi-gantry crane is a double girder gantry crane with one end carriage traveling on the building structure and the other running on the ground. The lifting mechanism is a QD trolley or double-rail hoist trolley. It saves space and investment costs. 

  • Parameters:

This crane is a general-purpose crane, mainly used for loading and unloading or handling materials in outdoor places and warehouses. This product comes in two forms: ground control and driver control. It is a small and medium-sized crane that operates on rails. Its lifting capacity is 3-16 tons, span is 5-30 meters, working level is A3-A5, and the working environment temperature is -25 ℃ -40 ℃.

  • Features:

1. The gantry adopts a box-shaped double-beam welding structure, which provides a spacious working space and facilitates transportation, installation, and maintenance.
2. The trolley is conductive using irregular steel rails and flexible cables.
3. Standardization, serialization, and generalization of components.
4. The power supply for cranes includes cable drum type and conductor rail type, which are available for users to choose from.
5. The control cabin has a wide field of view and flexible control operations. Fans, air conditioners, walkie-talkies, etc. can also be installed as required.


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