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 CD1 MD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoist

  • Introduction:

Model CD1 and MD1 steel wire rope electric hoists are lightweight lifting equipment with compact structure, lightweight, small volume, strong universality of components, and easy operation. The reducer adopts a hard tooth surface transmission design, with a long service life and mechanical performance. The motor adopts a conical rotor brake motor with a bidirectional safety limit device. The MD electric hoist has 2 lifting speeds, fast and slow, ensuring smooth and accurate lifting.

  • Parameters:

1. Lifting capacity: 0.25t ~ 32 tons (or customized according to actual requirements);

2. Lifting height: customized according to actual requirements;

3. Speed: 

Single speed: 8M/MIN, 7M/MIN, 3.5M/mIN;

Dual speed: (8M/mIN, 0.8M/mIN), (7M/mIN, 0.7M/mIN), (3.5M/mIN, 0.35M/mIN);

3. Work duty: M3;

4. Working environment temperature: -20 ° C to 40 ° C.

CD1 MD1 Wire Rope Hoist
  • Application:

The CD1 MD1 Type electric hoist can be mounted on a bridge crane, gantry crane, jib crane, suspension crane or I beam for lifting work in Mining enterprises, railways, docks, warehouses, etc.

It is not suitable for working in environments with explosive or fire hazards, in places with high humidity or filled with acidic or alkaline gases, nor for transporting dissolved metals, toxic substances, and flammable and explosive materials.

cd md hoist on gantry crane
  • Features:

1. Reducer
The electric hoist adopts a three-stage fixed shaft helical gear transmission mechanism, with gears and gear shafts made of heat-treated alloy. The box and cover are made of high-quality cast iron, tightly assembled, and well-sealed. The reducer is a self-contained component, and loading and unloading are extremely convenient.
2. Control box
The wire rope electric hoist adopts a device that can cut off the circuit in emergencies and is equipped with up-and-down travel protection and fire limit devices. Maintained the safe operation of the electric hoist. Electrical components have a long lifespan and are reliable to use.
3. Steel wire rope
Anti-rotation steel wire rope. Thickened rope guide. Adopting GB1102-74 (6) × The 37+type lifting steel wire rope is more durable.
4. Conical motor
Nanjing Motors. The lifting motor adopts a large starting torque conical rotor brake asynchronous motor, without the need for an external brake. The continuous load rate of the motor is 25%, the motor adopts F-class insulation, and the motor protection level is IP54.
5. Button switch
Hand operated, lightweight, and flexible, available in two ways: wired handle and wireless remote control.
6. Wooden case for packaging
Wooden box packaging ensures that the goods are not damaged during long-distance transportation.


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