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Polyurethane Buffer Stop

  • Introduction:

Polyurethane buffer stop for cranes uses the internal porous bubble structure of polyurethane material to absorb energy to buffer and stop the crane traveling, which is equivalent to a spring with multiple airbag damping during the impact process. Suitable for installation on various mechanical equipment with frequent collisions. 

It can be installed on the crane end carriages and trolley frames. There are plate-type, flange-type, and bolt-types for users choice.

  • Parameters:

  • Features:

  1. Polyurethane buffer stop is lightweight, easy to install, and does not require maintenance. It can absorb a large amount of impact performance, has high impact elasticity, good compressive recovery, high mechanical strength, good insulation, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, and aging resistance. During the buffering process, there is no noise, no sparks, good explosion-proof performance, safety, and stability.

  2. Compared with rubber, spring, and hydraulic buffers, polyurethane buffers not only have superior buffering performance, but also have small specific gravity, simple structure, low cost, and convenient installation and maintenance.

  3. Compared with rubber buffers, polyurethane buffers not only have better impact and compression resistance, but also greatly increase their service life.

  4. Compared with spring type buffers, polyurethane buffers have the same buffering capacity. The weight of polyurethane buffers is 1/10 of that of spring type buffers, and the price is 1/3 of that of spring type buffers, greatly saving steel and simplifying the production process.


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