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Crane Lifting Drum

  • Introduction:

1. The crane lifting drum is an essential accessory for cranes, which is designed to reel the steel wire rope effortlessly as a hoisting winch or electric hoist, providing efficient and reliable support for your heavy lifting operations.

2. Our Drum Units are comprised of top-quality components including the drum, shaft, gearwheel, hub, bearing body, and bearing. This ensures the smooth and efficient operation of your crane equipment, no matter the size or complexity of your task.

3. We only use the highest quality materials for our wire rope drums, including HT20-40 cast iron, ZG25, ZG35, or Q235B and Q345B welding steel plate for specific needs. This guarantees the durability and longevity of your wire rope drum, even under heavy usage.

4. Our Wire Rope Drum Units are designed for large tonnage crane machinery, providing unmatched performance and versatility for your lifting needs. Whether you're on a construction site or a busy warehouse, our Wire Rope Drum is the perfect solution for all your heavy-lifting requirements.

  • For Safety:

1. Our single-layer winding drum features a spiral groove with an arc-shaped section to increase the contact area between the wire rope and the drum body. This design also helps to fix the winding position of the wire rope to prevent adjacent wire ropes from rubbing against each other, providing a safer and more reliable operation.

2. The surface of the multi-layer winding drum is a smooth surface without spiral grooves, with flanges on both ends of the drum body to prevent wire ropes from slipping out. While this design does have some disadvantages, including closely arranged wire ropes and stacked layers that can rub against each other, we take great care to ensure the calculated diameter of the reel meets the highest safety standards.

3. To ensure the reliable fixation of the wire rope tail and reduce the stress on the pressure plate or wedge, we recommend reserving 1.5 to 3 safety loops on the reel when the pick-up device is lowered to the lower limit position. Our Wire Rope Reel/Drum is designed with this in mind, providing an extra layer of safety and security for your lifting operations. The more loops of the wire rope tail that are retained, the smaller the force on the pressure plate or wedge of the rope tail, ensuring your lifting operation is as safe as possible. If the lower limit position of the pick-up device is too low and the remaining number of wire ropes on the drum is less than the designed number of safe loops, the force on the tail of the wire rope may exceed the pressing force of the pressure plate or wedge, potentially causing the wire rope to be pulled off and the heavy object to fall. This is a risk we take seriously, and we design our Wire Rope Drum with your safety in mind.


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