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FEM DIN Suspension Crane

  • Introduction:

The European standard electric single-beam suspension crane is made in line with the European FEM and Germany DIN standard. It can be directly installed on the roof structure of a factory building, so there is no need to install the suspension crane track bracket. This allows the entire factory area to be used for production.


In addition, it can be used only for a part of the factory area according to demand. By using an extended cantilever, the traveling range of the trolley can exceed the span of the crane. If a locking device is added, the trolley can travel back and forth between the main beam of the suspension crane and the monorail crane.

  • Parameters:

  1. Lifting capacity: 1T-15T (ton) or customized;

  2. Span: 1m-20m (meter), or customized;

  3. Work duty: A4, A5;

  4. Environmental temperature: -10 ° C to+40 ° C;

  5. Relative humidity: ≤ 85%;

  6. Power supply: 380V ± 10% 50Hz, 3-phase.

  • Features:

  1. Drive device: squirrel cage motor (60% ED)+hard tooth reducer (HRC60)+self-adjusting disc brake;

  2. Maintenance free operation mode: wired ground operation (IP65, lifespan 500000 times), wireless remote control;

  3. Performance configuration: IP55 protection level, F-class insulation, high-strength galvanized steel wire rope, variable frequency speed regulation for crane and trolley, smooth operation, and optimized anti-sway design;

  4. Structural features: European optimized design, lightweight, low wheel pressure, and small size; Multiple modes meet the various needs of all users; Excellent driving performance, variable frequency speed regulation, and smooth operation; Mechanical single main beam, welded box shape, with arch degree meeting national standards;

  5. Structural form: composed of lifting mechanism, single main beam, end carriages, electric control system, etc., with low height, small size, lightweight, and low wheel pressure.


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