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Gantry Crane Cable Drum

  • Introduction:

The cable drum is a power cable winding device that provides power supply, control power supply or control signal for large mobile equipment such as gantry crane, material handling equipment, etc. It is widely used in heavy machinery equipment such as port gantry cranes, container cranes, ship loaders, tower cranes, etc.

Cable reel drums can be spring-driven and motor-driven. 

Vertical cable installation:

1. The reel is installed at the top.

2. The cable outlet direction is vertically downward.

3. The running speed is: 10 m/min--40 m/min.

4. The acceleration can reach 0.3 m/s.

5. The free-hanging cable length L0 is not considered

  • Selection Guide

1. Spring-type cable reels are suitable for various mobile electrical equipment below AC 500V;
2. The cable winding length is based on the installation method, and the cable lengths are as follows:
① Method A is L+3 turns.
② Method B is L+h+3 turns (the h value must be specified when ordering).
③ Method CD is L+H+h+3 turns.
④ Method E and F are determined according to the user's on-site conditions and must be specified separately when ordering.
3. In method C, when the reel is fixed on the ground and the cable is retracted, there is mutual friction between the cable and the ground. At this time, please lay the track within the cable movement trajectory to reduce cable wear.
4. In method F, H=0.14L and h=0.5H are generally taken. If H<0.14L, h<0.5H, the H and h values ​​must be specified when ordering.
5. If the cable reel needs to be used together with the electric hoist on a single-beam crane, a special roller bracket component can be provided for installation and use.
6. The direction of cable reeling and releasing on the drum is indicated in the dimension drawing. Special requirements must be noted when ordering.
7. The (quality) column in the dimension table does not include the quality of the cable.
8. The electric drum structure is mainly cantilever type (generally not marked).
9. For special drums and special purpose products, please come to discuss in person or write to us.

  • Working Principle

The power part and speed regulation part of the cable drum are undertaken by the motor, which has unique electrical and mechanical characteristics. The motor has the characteristics of wide speed regulation range and soft mechanical performance. When the load changes, the working speed of the motor also changes accordingly, that is, when the load increases, the speed decreases, and when the load decreases, the speed increases. In addition, the motor can operate stably for a long time at any point on its torque and speed mechanical characteristic curve, thereby ensuring that the cable obtains the appropriate winding speed and tension at the corresponding coil radius.

1. The output torque of the cable winding motor is the power, and the winding machine is driven by the deceleration part to reel in.
2. The output torque of the cable motor is released as a blocking force to prevent the cable from opening the drum quickly and ensure the synchronization of cable laying.
3. The long-term stalled motor with disc brake during shutdown can ensure that the cable will not slip off the drum due to gravity when the motor is powered off.


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