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HB Explosion-proof Hoist

  • Introduction:

The HB explosion-proof steel wire rope electric hoist is ideal equipment for lifting heavy objects in flammable, explosive, and dangerous places. It can be used as the lifting mechanism of the LB single girder bridge crane and LHB electric hoist double girder bridge crane.

This hoist is suitable for places in factories with explosive gas environments formed by combustible gases, vapors, and air with an explosion-proof level not higher than IIC and an ignition temperature group not lower than T4 (135 ℃). The applicable hazardous areas are Zone 1 or Zone 2.

  • Parameters:

  1. Lifting capacity: 0.5t-20t.

  2. Lifting speed: 8m/min (single speed); 0.8m/min & 8m/min (double speed);

  3. Power supply: 380V/400V/415V/660V  50HZ/60HZ;

  4. Working environment temperature: -25 ℃~40 ℃;

  5. Altitude: <1000m;

  6. Relative humidity: 85% < 20 ± 5 ℃.

  • Grab Bucket:

  1. Explosion-proof performance: The explosion-proof electric hoist adopts strict explosion-proof design and manufacturing technology, ensuring its safe operation in explosive gas, dust or steam environments. It can prevent sparks or heat sources from electrical and mechanical components from causing explosions.

  2. Fireproof and Explosion proof Housing: The housing of the explosion-proof electric hoist is made of fire-proof and explosion-proof materials, which can effectively resist external flames or explosion impacts, thereby preventing the electrical and mechanical components inside the hoist from being ignited or damaged.

  3. Explosion-proof drive system: The drive system of the explosion-proof electric hoist adopts a special explosion-proof motor and control system, which can work normally under harsh conditions such as low temperature, high temperature, and humidity. It has efficient and reliable lifting performance and can adjust various speeds and loads according to actual work needs.

  4. Explosion-proof controller: The explosion-proof electric hoist is equipped with an explosion-proof controller, which can achieve functions such as starting, stopping, and speed adjustment of the hoist. The controller adopts special explosion-proof switches and buttons to ensure the safety of users when operating the hoist.

  5. Explosion-proof steel wire rope: The explosion-proof electric hoist is made of special materials, which have the characteristics of high strength and wear resistance. It can withstand large pulling forces, ensuring the safety and stability of the lifting process.

  6. Explosion-proof sliding protection: The explosion-proof electric hoist is equipped with an anti-slip device, which can avoid accidental sliding during the lifting process and ensure the safety of work.

  7. Explosion-proof limit switch: The upper and lower limits of the explosion-proof electric hoist are equipped with special explosion-proof switches, which can automatically stop the lifting operation when the lifting height reaches the predetermined position, avoiding too high or too low lifting height.

  8. Special protective measures: All components of the explosion-proof electric hoist have undergone special protective measures to prevent harmful substances such as dust, moisture, and chemicals from entering the interior of the hoist, thereby improving the reliability and service life of the equipment.


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