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New Design Wire Rope Hoist

  • Introduction:

This wire rope electric hoist is a newly designed equipment by FEM/DIN standards. This wire rope electric hoist is of high security, modular design, intelligence operation, etc.

  • Parameters:

  1. Lifting Weight: 1t-12.5t;

  2. Lifting Height: 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m;

  3. Working Level: A5;

  4. Environmental temperature: -20 ° C to+40 ° C;

  5. Lifting motor with squirrel-cage cylindrical 2/12 pole double speed brake motors, speed ratio 6: 2. Work level can reach M6. Running gear adopts frequency control, running speed at 2 ~ 20m / min.

  • High Security:

  1. Security monitoring system equipped with overload limiter, and real-time load value is displayed in the screen to prompt the operator to prevent overloading.

  2. The controller will perform a self-test before starting, including the power supply voltage, default phase, button zero status and validity of each safety device.

  3. Provided with four contacts spiral lift limit switch, alarm prompted when the hook close to the limit, when arrived at the limit the motor can automatically cut off the power to stop running, and has self- reset function, the motor is only able to run in the opposite direction, lifting mechanism with double spacing, to ensure that the hook doesn’t point roof.

  4. Advanced wire rope with breaking strength of not less than 2160N / mm2, the safety factor of not less than five.

  • High Reliability:

  1. Motors are from Germany, electrical connection sustained rate of not less than 60%, insulation class F, protection class IP54. It has overheated protection and alarm functions, motor housing made ​​of aluminum alloy drawing molding with excellent heat dissipation.

  2. Maintenance-free electromagnetic disc brakes to be used, turning into braking status when outage to ensure safety. Brake pad material is environmental and non-asbestos, brake built-in electronic modular system allows the brake fast and agile. The minimum safety factor is 1.8; safety brake times are not less than one million. Even in high temperatures and long time running can also ensure safety braking.

  3. Reducer gears and gear shaft using 42CrNiMo materials, low-carbon alloy steel hardened by carburizing and tooth grinding process with the tooth surface hardness 60HRC more than six precision gear manufacturing.

  4. Electrical components and parts select Schneider, Siemens, ABB and other international brands, electric control box protection rating of not less than IP54.

  5. The Traveling mechanism has horizontal guide rollers to prevent deviation and ensure that the trolley has smooth running performance.

  • Modular Design:

  1. The overall layout is the parallel type (C-type structure), which means the drum is arranged through the gear unit and motor with a small limit size and compact structure;

  2. Using standard series of German import drive module, and contributed to rich product series with a different pulley ratio;

  3. Electrical interfaces adopt aluminum alloy standard plug-in, safe and convenient;

  4. Hanging detachable handle design.


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