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Pedestrian Bridges

  • Introduction:

The pedestrian bridge is a type of building in modern cities that helps pedestrians cross roads. The construction of a pedestrian overpass can completely separate pedestrians crossing the road from vehicles on the road, ensuring smooth traffic and pedestrian safety. The most common pedestrian overpasses are those that span streets or highways, rivers, and lakes, as well as railways and light rail. In addition, some overpasses are built at interchanges and integrated with the construction of overpasses.

  • Structure:

Pedestrian overpasses are generally made of steel structures due to their large span, short construction period, and small site size, which can easily affect traffic. The main load-bearing structure of steel structure pedestrian overpass is steel structure, which has good mechanical and processing properties and is suitable for large-span bridges. The plasticity of steel is good, and it can resist various loads without deformation due to sudden increase in load, which enhances the performance of steel structure overpass.

  • What We Can Do?

  1. Steel structure and component production: We have a factory that can be implemented according to the requirements of the design drawings.

  2. Steel structure welding: We can carry out Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, and manual arc welding for the overhead welding parts, which not only improves welding efficiency but also ensures the quality of the weld root, eliminates slag inclusion, bubbles, and discontinuous welds on site, and has high appearance quality.

  3. Steel structure assembly: If the steel undergoes deformation or bending, we can correct it before welding and installation.

  4. Hoisting and Installation: We have cranes for the steel structure lifting and installation and ensure that the steel components and supports are welded and stabilized before hoisting.

  5. Anti-corrosion treatment: Generally, methods such as applying anti-rust paint, galvanizing, and aluminum plating are used. Steel structures are thoroughly rust removed before applying paint, and the quality of the paint and the thickness of the coating meet the requirements.

  6. Decoration: We can do the steel structure overpasses wall decoration such as with aluminum-plastic panels, hanging frames, and glass curtain walls, etc. The base keel can be directly welded to the truss beam, which is convenient and cost-effective. The ground adopts a pressing plate and stone or tile slurry pasting process, which can completely solve the problems of ground elasticity, noise, and anti-corrosion treatment.

  7. For safety: Steel structures are heat-resistant but not fire-resistant, therefore, the design of steel structure overpasses is with fire protection measures for components. In low-temperature working environments, brittle fracture may occur in steel structures, and this issue is considered in design.


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