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QY Insulated Overhead Crane

  • Introduction:

QY Insulated overhead bridge crane is a heavy-duty lifting equipment suitable for smelting workshops of non-ferrous metal electrolytic aluminum, magnesium, lead, and zinc.


Several insulation devices have been installed in appropriate parts (such as the hook) of the crane. Because there is direct current in the ground equipment in the workshop, it needs to prevent the current from live equipment from being transmitted to the crane through the lifted components during operation, endangering the driver's life and equipment safety.

This crane is mainly composed of a bridge, a crane traveling mechanism, a trolley, electrical equipment, etc. To ensure lifting safety, the lifting mechanism is equipped with dual brakes. All actions of the crane are completed in the driver's cabin.

  • Parameters:

  1. Lifting capacity: 5-50t;

  2. Span: 10.5-31.5m;

  3. Lifting speed: 10m/min;

  4. Crane running speed: 220m/min;

  5. Car running speed: 10m/min;

  6. Rated lifting torque: 1000kNM.

  • Features:

  1. A5 level is suitable for general mechanical processing and assembly workshops, metal structure workshops, mechanical maintenance workshops, etc. where the workload is not very heavy;

  2. A6 and A7 levels are suitable for situations with frequent work, continuous production, or continuous handling, and can also be used as auxiliary lifting equipment in metallurgical and casting workshops;

  3. Its operating environment temperature is between -20 to 40 ℃, and relative humidity is ≤ 85%;

  4. In addition, Class A7 with a lifting capacity of less than 50t can be used for lifting molten metal in metallurgical and casting workshops, with an ambient temperature of -20~60 ℃.

  5. This crane should be marked for outdoor use to be equipped with rain protection devices.


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