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Steel Coil Edge Protector Production Machine

  • Introduction:

  • The entire set of equipment in this unit can automatically produce steel coil edge protectors.

  • It adopts PLC control and frequency converter speed regulation.

  • Put the raw materials onto the uncoiler, run the production line, and automatically complete the punching, bending, shearing, and forming processes.

  • There are few manual operation procedures, only 1-2 people need to take off the formed inner or outer edge protectors at the exit.

  • The cutting length and linear speed can be modified through the touch screen.

  • This machine has the characteristics of high intelligence, stable operation, and low labor cost.

  • Protector Parameters:

  • Raw material: Cold rolled annealed strip steel, hot dip galvanized strip steel;

  • Raw material strip steel width: 200mm;

  • Width of the small edge of the folded edge of the inner edge protector: 20mm-50mm, adjustable;

  • The thickness of the steel strip used for the production of the inner edge protector: 0.6-2.0mm;

  • Finished inner edge protector specification:¢390mm—¢610mm;

  • Inner edge protector maximum production: about 720pcs/hour (Based on ¢500mm);

  • The thickness of the steel strip used for the production of the outer edge protector:  0.7—1.5mm;

  • Finished outer edge protector specification:¢800--¢1900mm;

  • Pressed edge width: 30mm-60mm;

  • Outer edge protector maximum production: about 320pcs/hour (Based on ¢1200mm);

  • Process Flow:

Strip steel running direction: From left to right;

Uncoiling→ automatic punching machine → bending machine → anti slip rib pressing → automatic shearing machine → inner/outer edge protector forming machine.

  • Introduction to the Full Production Line:

  • Uncoiling machine

  • Drum diameter:¢470mm--¢515mm

  • Effective width of the drum: 260mm

  • Center height: 850mm

  • Max. Outer diameter of steel coil: ¢1650mm

  • Load capacity: 2.2t

  • Auto punching machine

  • Punching capacity: Max. thickness of steel strip 1.5mm

  • Punch spacing: ≥ 100 mm

  • Punching hole diameter: φ 10mm

  • Mold material: Cr12Mov

  • Bending machine

  • Function: Steel strip bent to 90 °

  • Structure type: Cantilever type

  • Wheel material: 40Cr

  • Packaging with anti slip rib device

  • Packaging with anti slip rib device: The outer edge protector is packed with anti slip ribs, with a rib width of 9mm and a center distance of 40mm between the two ribs.

  • Auto shearing machine

  • Function: Cut according to the required length of the inner and outer edge protector;

  • Operation: The shearing machine is a continuous non-stop shearing machine, with hydraulic shearing;

  • Shear capacity: The max thickness of the strip steel is 2.0mm;

  • Inner edge protector forming machine

  • Function: Cold rolling and bending forming of inner edge protector

  • Type: The upper and lower forming rollers are rolled, and the transmission is driven by a motor reducer.

  • Rolling roller material: Cr12Mo

  • Outer edge protector forming machine

  • Function: Cold rolling and bending forming of outer edge protector

  • Type: Upper and lower forming gears, and the transmission is driven by a motor reducer.

  • Gears material: High frequency, quenching and tempering heat treatment 45#

  • Hydraulic Pump 2 sets

  • Motor 7.5kW*2

  • Electrical System

  • Electrical cabinet is mainly composed by: PLC logic controller, frequency converter, SITOP power supply, motor protector, AC contactor, switch, relay module, high-frequency contactless switch, etc. These electrical components are used to complete the command execution and auxiliary control work of the entire line of automation.

  • The touch screen can display the full line operating status, fault alarm information, output information, automatic counting, output settings and other functions. Parameters can be set for the production of inner and outer edge protectors of different standards.

  •  Covered area

  • A production line requires length, width and height = 12m*2.4m*1.4m.


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