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Vertical Looping Parking System

  • Introduction:

This state-of-the-art vertical looping car parking system boasts a robust main steel structure, plate structure, transmission system, control system, and safety protection device. With a fixed guide rail housed internally within the main structure, the lifting chain roller runs seamlessly and effortlessly in the guide rail, with the carriage plate suspended on the extended plate of the lifting chain. The process is smooth and efficient, as the car is parked inside the carriage board, and the chain drive system takes over, driving the carriage board in a vertical direction. When the carriage board reaches the lowest end, your vehicle is readily accessible with ease and convenience. This innovative system is the ultimate solution for vertical parking, maximizing space and providing hassle-free parking for your needs.

  • Applications:

With the introduction of the auto looping parking system, finding a parking space in city enterprises, institutions, public places, scenic spots, residential quarters, and more will become a breeze. Gone are the days when drivers would have to worry about the daunting task of looking for parking spots. This highly effective solution will make the process of parking much easier, and will provide a sense of relief for drivers who previously had great difficulty finding a suitable place to park. So why wait any longer? Experience the convenience and streamlined process of auto parking system today!

  • Features:

  • 2 parking spaces for 12 cars (sedan and SUVs);

  • Takes an average of 70 seconds and up to 120 seconds to park or take your car;

  • The main PLC and electrical components are from Siemens, Schneider, Omron;

  • This product can be used alone or in combination, offering great flexibility to meet various parking needs.

  • With its simple operation and multiple ways to control it, including through a card, buttons, remote control, mobile phone app, and more, this smart garage is incredibly user-friendly.

  • Safety is a top priority with our product, and we've designed it to automatically stop running if people come too close to the equipment.

  • This product is not only cost-effective and eco-friendly, but it also has a short construction period and an attractive appearance.

  • Quick installation and removal make this garage a convenient solution for temporarily or permanently adding parking capacity.

  • With high-quality components from well-known brands like Siemens, Schneider, and Omron, this product is built to last.

  • The market potential for our Smart Garage is enormous, thanks to its innovative and advanced features.

  • We've used advanced technologies like 3D CAD and CAE to design the equipment, ensuring that it is efficient and effective.

  • Our product is supported by a top-of-the-line drive motor from an international first-class brand, ensuring top-notch performance.

  • With an automated manufacturing process, we can ensure that the product is structurally stable and reliable.

  • Our strict quality assurance system guarantees that our users will receive a product that is safe and dependable.

  • The overall structure of our product has been designed using dynamic simulation analysis to ensure its long-term safety and reliability.

  • Each component is clearly labeled with a feature code, making it easy to identify and ensure the quality of the entire product.

  • Thanks to advanced technologies like intelligent license plate recognition, IC control, and computer image processing, our product offers comprehensive parking management functionality.

  • Our smart garage includes core control technology and safety detection devices to ensure maximum protection for people and vehicles.

  • Intelligent frequency control technology ensures that this product operates smoothly and efficiently.

  • Autonomous positioning technology helps to make access to and from the garage much faster and more convenient.

  • With simple operating modes that can be controlled through the panel, our product can be customized to meet various customer needs.

  • Our LOT for smart parking platform allows for easy integration with other parking equipment and charging systems, providing an even better parking experience for our users.

  • Our smart garage is incredibly versatile and can be installed in a wide range of locations, including banks, hospitals, supermarkets, residential areas, and tourist areas.

  • With the option to add mobile charging piles, our product can provide charging services for new energy vehicles, making it even more convenient for users.

  • We take a comprehensive approach to planning and customizing our product to ensure that it integrates seamlessly with the surrounding environment and meets the needs of our users.


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