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Wind Turbine Towers

  • Introduction:

The wind-power turbine tower barrel is the pole of wind power generation, which is for supporting the wind turbine and absorbing the vibration of the unit.

  • Manufacturing:

The production process of wind power tower barrels is generally as follows:

  1. Cutting by CNC cutting machine, thick plates need to be beveled;

  2. A rolling machine is used for forming the plates;

  3. Spot welding, positioning, and confirmation are carried out before welding the inner and outer longitudinal seams;

  4. After roundness inspection, if there are any problems, secondary rounding is carried out;

  5. After the welding of a single cylinder body is completed, hydraulic assembly is used to group and spot weld the roller frame;

  6. After welding the inner and outer ring seams, straightness and other tolerances are checked, and after welding the flange;

  7. After non-destructive testing and flatness inspection of welds, sandblasting and painting treatment, internal component installation and finished product inspection are completed;

  8. Transported to the installation site.

  • Anti-Corrosion:

  1. Primer: Epoxy zinc rich primer or low surface treatment epoxy resin paint: Epoxy zinc rich is suitable for large-scale overall coating construction. It has good anti-corrosion effect and can provide cathodic protection. Low surface treatment epoxy resin paint has excellent characteristics for local repair and can also be applied in large-scale construction. It has considerable tolerance for low substrate surface treatment and superior shielding effect, It can provide good protection for steel plates.

  2. Intermediate paint: Intermediate paint generally uses epoxy thick build coatings containing mica iron oxide components. Its main function is to play a shielding role, effectively sealing the primer and protecting it from external erosion.

  3. Topcoat: Firstly, it has an aesthetic effect. A high-quality topcoat can make the appearance of the tower tube look beautiful and glossy for a long time; Secondly, it can also have a certain sealing effect.

  • What We Can Do?

  1. We have 9 professional turbine tower production lines with an annual production capacity of 60,000 tons and a building area of 30,000 square meters. It has completed the production tasks of above 1,000 sets of all kinds of wind turbine towers.

  2. Our company has outstanding production capacity and can organize production in a standardized and efficient manner. The company has established comprehensive IS09001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, and special equipment manufacturing license (pressure vessel) since its establishment. The company's technical, quality inspection, production, and marketing backbone team is stable. Production, testing, and inspection equipment, with a reasonable factory layout and complete functions of various production equipment, can be produced 24/7 throughout the year, ensuring the performance, quality, and quantity of contracted equipment are completed on schedule.

  3. Comprehensive, timely, and thoughtful after-sales service. There is a specialized and professional after-sales service team with proficient business skills and strong service awareness, including personnel in marketing, technology, electricians, welders, riveters, etc. There is a complete after-sales service process. We will provide high-quality services in various aspects such as communication, delivery, technical guidance, defect elimination, and follow-up until the owner is satisfied.


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