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BZD Free-standing Jib Crane

  • Introduction:

The BZD-type free-standing jib/cantilever crane is lifting machinery with chain hoists or CD MD-type electric hoists as lifting mechanisms. It consists of a column, a rotating jib, a jib-driving device, and an electric hoist. The base of the lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolts, and the motor drives the reducer to rotate the cantilever. The electric hoist runs back and forth on the cantilever I-beam.

The BZD-type jib crane is designed with a simple structure, convenient operation, small space occupation, and large operating range.

  • Parameters:

The BZD rotary jib crane is a light-duty lifting equipment with a rated workload of 0.25t, 0.5t, 1t, 2t, 3t, and 5t. Please choose different specifications and models of cranes according to job requirements, as well as their lifting and operating speeds. This machine has two forms of operation: electric rotation and manual rotation. The rotation angle of the rotating arm can be selected from different angles such as 180 °, 270 °, 345 °, 360 °, etc. according to the needs of the usage site.

  • Application:

This jib crane is applied in modern industrial production lines, assembly lines, warehouses, docks, laboratories, and other occasions such as mechanical manufacturing, automobiles, shipbuilding, etc. for material lifting operations. It is an ideal lifting equipment for enterprises to improve work efficiency and labor conditions.


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