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Crane Track Rails

  • Introduction:

Crane track rails play a vital role in the functioning of crane tracks. They offer a seamless, frictionless and uninterrupted rolling pathway for the crane wheels. In addition to guiding the movement of the crane wheels, they also sustain the weight and transmit the pressure to the sleeper and ground. At Huayuan, we understand the importance of selecting the appropriate crane rail model that caters to the unique Crane and special conditions. That's why we have a varied selection of crane rail models including P24, P38, P43, QU70, QU80, QU100, QU120, etc. Trust us to provide you with the most suitable crane rail model that guarantees safe, efficient and seamless crane operations. 

Not only the track rails, we provide full solutions including rails, clips, bolts, welding plates, cushions, etc.

Crane track Rails
  • Models: 

P24, P38, P43, QU70, QU80, QU100, QU120, A-Series, etc.

  • Features:

  1. Our top-of-the-line Rails/tracks are the ideal choice for your Overhead Crane, Gantry Crane, RMG, Project Crane, and many more heavy-duty applications. Built to last, our Rails/tracks ensure maximum efficiency and safety in any work environment.

  2. At our company, we take precision seriously. That's why we meticulously test all our Rails/tracks by pulling a 0.5mm diameter wire rope between two end stop levers, using a plumb bob to detect any deviation point by point. We maintain a 2-meter interval for optimal results, so you can trust in the reliability of our products.

  3. Our skilled engineers understand the importance of seamless transitions for your crane rail joints. Whether you opt for a straight joint or a 45°oblique joint, we guarantee precision and stability that will keep your operations running smoothly.

  4. When it comes to choosing the right rail shape for your cranes, our P shape rail is the clear winner. With unparalleled durability and resistance to wear, our P shape rails have stood the test of time and remain the most commonly used shape today. Invest in quality with our Rails/tracks, and see the difference for yourself.


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