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Wire Rope Guide

  • Introduction:

The wire rope guide is a wire rope arranging device built into a hoist or winch to make crane steel wire rope neatly arranged around the drum to avoid wire rope circles in a mess or overlaps causing malfunction to Electric Hoist, or even destroy the hoist. Crane rope guide can guarantee the normal working of electric hoist, and extend the service life of wire rope and drum.

The guide is subjected to a large lateral force during operation, which often leads to breakage and is one of the easily damaged parts on electric hoists.

  • Features:

1. Material: Cast iron, pig iron, nylon, plastic, etc.

2. The CD1MD1 type electric hoist currently uses circular ring-type guides. The guide device itself cannot rotate. When the drum rotates, it moves axially driven by the threaded groove as the steel wire rope is wound. The wrapped steel wire is accurately introduced and led out of the spiral groove of the drum at any time, and the steel wire rope is discharged from the gap of the guide device.

cast iron-wire-rope-hoist

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