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NLH Double Girder Overhead Crane

  • Introduction:

The NLH electric double girder bridge crane is designed and manufactured with European FEM standards. The steel structure design of the crane is reasonable, optimized, in accordance with specifications and standards, and meets the requirements of strength, stiffness, and stability. 


The design of steel structures takes into account the convenience and possibility of manufacturing, inspection, transportation, installation, and maintenance. By optimizing design methods such as finite edge analysis, the weight of steel structures is minimized to the greatest extent possible, while meeting the requirements and relevant current regulatory standards.


The hoist trolley adopts ND type steel wire rope electric hoist trolley, with a rated lifting capacity of 3.2-80t.

  • Parameters:

  1. Load capacity: 5-80t;

  2. Span: 10.5-31.5m;

  3. Lifting height: 6-18m;

  4. Lifting speed: 0.4-5m/min;

  5. Crab traveling speed: 2-20m/min;

  6. Crane traveling speed: 3-30m/min.

  • Features:

  1. According to the new standards, the new design of the crane traveling mechanism,  bridge steel structure, and accessories is lightweight, finely crafted, aesthetically pleasing, safe, and reliable.

  2. The double-sided walkway design allows personnel to easily access various parts of the equipment for easy maintenance.

  3. The lifting unit adopts a dual-speed motor drive system to meet the user's requirements for speed regulation performance. The operating unit adopts a stepless frequency conversion speed control drive system, which starts and runs smoothly. The swinging amplitude of the lifted items is small, and the positioning accuracy is high.

  4. The trolley adopts a flexible and adjustable system, fundamentally eliminating the phenomenon of "three legs".

  5. It can be equipped with anti-sway modules with independent intellectual property rights to reduce the danger caused by lifting and swinging.

  6. Modular design of main and end beams, modular production, and high manufacturing accuracy.

  7. Compared with general cranes, the NLH double-beam bridge crane reduces the overall height by about 50%, reduces wheel pressure by about 30%, and reduces self-weight by about 35%, greatly reducing the construction cost of the user's factory.

  8. The working level of the ordinary gourd type double beam crane can only reach A3 and A4, and it is not suitable for heavy-duty or busy material handling conditions. The working level of the NLH double-beam bridge crane can reach A5, A6, or even higher.

  9. The hook has a smaller limit and a larger working area.

  10. The lifting drive motor and transmission gearbox adopt original imported products, with hard tooth surface gear transmission, long service life, and maintenance free.

  11. The operating mechanism adopts a three-in-one gearbox motor, and the wheel installation position adopts integral boring machining technology. The wheel installation accuracy is high, solving the problem of rail gnawing.

  12. It can be equipped with advanced crane safety monitoring systems (black boxes for cranes).

  13. The power supply of the trolley adopts drag chain conductivity to protect the cable and increase its service life.


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