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Double Girder Trolley Hoist

  • Introduction:

This trolley hoist or crab hoist is a double girder crane wire rope hoist which is mounted on a trolley frame. It is composed of a hoist and a trolley frame, and the frame is also driven by motors and travels on rails fixed on the 2 crane girders. This trolley hoist is made according to European FEM standards and Germany DIN Stands.

  • Parameter:

  • Capacity: 3t~80t

  • Lift Height: 6m~36m

  • Work duty: M5

  • Traveling speed: 2~20m/min

  • Lift speed: 0.8/5.0m/min

  • Features:

  • Impact structure, low headroom, lightweight, modular design, and precise positioning, etc.

  • Steel structure optimization design

  • Light-Weight, small wheel load

  • Small blind spot

  • Reduce the height and cost of the workshop

  • Advanced welding technical, high rigidity

  • Free maintenance

  • High strength hook of German DIN standard

  • Modular design for wheel group

  • Smooth transition end beam

  • Security and efficiency remote control operating system

  • Components flexible combination

  • Determinate structure trolley frame

  • Hard gear reducer from Germany

  • Hoist Motor:

  • Rugged 12/2-pole cylindrical-rotor motor (selection of frequency conversion)

  • Less vibration, quiet running;

  • Thermal contacts to protect against overheating;

  • Designed for extended operating periods, classified in accordance with FEM;

  • IP 54 enclosure.

  • Brake:

  • DC disc brake with brake release monitoring (optional)

  • Min. safety factor of 1.8;

  • Rapid response through integrated brake module.

  • Control System:

  • Conventional contactor control;

  • Frequency conversion operation;

  • Electronic module for control of time functions;

  • Overload protection fitted as standard for increased safety;

  • Control by means of DST control pendant (optional);

  • Ergonomic and rugged design with 7 or 9 buttons;

  • Emergency off switch fitted as standard;

  • Accurate 2-pole rotating limit switch.

  • Rope Guide:

  • 1. Generously dimensioned drum for long rope service life;

  • 2. Precisely machined rope grooves;

  • 3. Rope guide made of heavy duty composite material;

  • 4. Reliable fleet angle up to ±4 degree without physical contact between rope and rope guide.

  • Gearbox:

  • 3-stage, helical gear reducer;

  • Low running noise;

  • Lifetime lubrication.

  • Gearbox:

  • Ergonomically designed and operator friendly;

  • Pulley made of special materials with low noise;

  • Smooth running.


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