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YZ Ladle Overhead Crane

  • Introduction:

The YZ ladle overhead bridge crane can be used to transport a molten iron ladle filled with molten iron to a blowing oxygen converter (BOF) or to transport molten steel from a blowing oxygen converter or electric arc furnace to a continuous casting machine. In addition, this crane can also be used for the casting process flow. Like the loading crane, ensuring its safety and reliability is the first consideration as this ladle crane is used for transporting molten steel.

  • Parameters:

Capacity: 200 tons to 400 tons.

Girder: 2-girder, 4-girders 6 rails or customized.

Other parameters are customized according to specific projects.

  • Features:

  1. For this ladle crane, you can use a factory control system equipped with a wireless communication function, as well as a crane management system (CMS) with a remote maintenance function, to ensure quick problem resolution and provide predictive information for maintenance plans.

  2. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) can be used to control and monitor the operation of cranes, especially for safety related functions. It can also provide a loading platform for intelligent functions.

  3. The electrical control room is a pressurized space equipped with air conditioning equipment to ensure reliable operation under harsh environmental conditions. In addition, it is equipped with a backup air conditioning device, which can ensure continuous and reliable air conditioning operation in the event of a device failure.

  4. The cab of the crane is designed with tempered glass, which can effectively protect against high temperature and splashing materials. At the same time, the cab is also equipped with good insulation, air conditioning, sound insulation, and vibration prevention.

  5. The control points, key electrical devices, and cables are equipped with heat shields to protect them from the influence of radiation heat.

  6. The wire rope drum is equipped with a backup brake, aimed at preventing the load from falling off in the event of a component failure in the lifting machinery.

  7. The rope winding system is equipped with redundant devices to prevent the load from falling when the steel wire rope breaks.

  8. The main lifting winch hoist is equipped with two motors and two frequency converters. By adopting this design, it is possible to achieve lifting with all loads controlled by one motor, and in emergency situations, safe lifting can be ensured through a differential gear frequency converter.

  9. The transverse mechanism of the crane adopts a redundant design and is divided into two units. In case of emergency, the crane can be driven by half of the motor units.

  10. The auxiliary lifting hoist is a standard type mechanism that can be used for maintenance operations.

  11. The end carriage assembly is a heavy-duty mechanism equipped with surface hardened steel and track cleaning brushes.

  12. The auxiliary hook is a heavy-duty mechanism, especially suitable for pouring steel/molten iron ladle and opening the bottom of the waste bin. As an optional feature, the auxiliary hook can also achieve horizontal movement.

  13. The lifting crossbeam is equipped with a heat shield and a laminated plate hook.


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