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Chain Bucket Unloading Overhead Crane

  • Introduction:

This overhead crane is a special equipment for bulk material unloading with a special vertical chain bucket for material conveying and unloading. It is applied to unload particle bulk materials from trucks. The materials can be coal, gypsum, shale, iron ore, etc.

  • Parameters:

  • Max. Unloading capacity 500t/h, i.e. it can unload about 5 sections of 60 tons trucks per hour.

  • Workable Bulk Material Sizes:

1. Coal and gypsum: ≤300mm, ≤100mm accounted for more than 85%, moisture content ≤13%.

2. Shale: ≤150mm, ≤80 accounts for more than 85%.

3. Iron ore: ≤80mm, ≤50mm accounted for more than 85%.

  • Features:

1. It adopts upper and lower double girder structure, and the tipping bucket device is mobile, which can work on multiple transportation lines.

2. The chain bucket device is a T-shaped bucket, which can unload the material in forward and reverse directions, improving the unloading efficiency.

3. The traveling reducer has small size, large output torque and long service life.

4. The blanking device of the belt conveyor adopts a sealed telescopic slip tube to reduce dust during the belt blanking process.

5. It is equipped with overload limiter, lifting height limiter, trolley buffer, running stroke limiter and safety shield, etc., with excellent safety performance.


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