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Crane Overload Limiter

  • Introduction:

This overload limiter is designed for double girder cranes, which consists of two parts: resistance strain sensor and control instrument. It is a bearing seat type limiter installed on the shaft of wire rope drums.


The overload limiter has the function of alarming and cutting off the power supply of the corresponding lifting circuit of the crane in case of moderate overload, and can also display the approximate weight of the lifted object. It is an important equipment that integrates display, control, and alarm functions.

  • Working Principle

The load of the crane is detected by sensors and the weight signal is converted into a voltage signal proportional to the weight. After amplifying this signal inside the sensor, it is connected to the control instrument through a signal line and converted into a digital signal through an analog/digital converter. Then, the microcontroller processes the data for display and judgment, and controls the A and B hooks, A+B hooks, and lifting control circuits of the crane A and B based on each weight value and total weight value.

  • Features

  1. Suitable for bridge cranes and gantry cranes;

  2. Single sensor signal input, single group relay contact output;

  3. Simulated circuit, zero and calibrate by adjusting the built-in potentiometer;

  4. Scope of application: Double lifting point lifting mechanisms such as 5-600t main and auxiliary hook cranes, gate hoists, etc;

  5. Action error: -3 [%] to+3 [%] (F.S);

  6. Comprehensive display error: -5 [%] to+5 [%] (F.S);

  7. Real time weight display, zero point automatic tracking, storage of overload times and other "black box" functions;

  8. Optional interfaces such as 4-20mA, RS485, or large screen displays. Pre selected USB interface: Download the "load spectrum" data record of the crane.


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