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Hoist Load Weight Limiter

  • Introduction:

This load weight limiter is a safety protection device for the electric wire rope hoists to show the loading weight, and prevent overload. It is composed of a controller and sensor, with simple structure, safe operation, and easy installation for 0.5t to 32t hoists. 

  • Features

  • High strength manganese steel base, stable and durable;

  • Seamless metal shell, not easy to wear and tear, long service life;

  • Seamless waterproof joint, anti-aging;

  • Due to the use of advanced anti-interference devices and unique software design, this device has extremely strong anti-interference ability;

  • In order to eliminate the impact of changes caused by long-term operation of sensors and amplifiers, this device adopts zero-point automatic tracking and memory technology to ensure the accuracy of weighing.

  • In order to facilitate installation, the various components of this device have been adjusted in the factory with precision instruments according to technical standards, and generally no debugging is required during on-site installation (see the installation and debugging section)

  • In order to facilitate accurate display of weighing values, the limiter adopts software adjustment memory technology, which is convenient and intuitive when adjusting, and convenient and reliable after-sales service and on-site maintenance.

  • Technical Indicators

  1. Scope of application: 0.5T-32T cap. electric hoists, wire rope hoists and other single-beam cranes.

  2. System error: less than +5% (F.S)

  3. Alarm method:

  • Pre-alarm point: When the lifting weight reaches 90% of the rated lifting weight, an intermittent alarm sound will sound, and the green indicator light will light up to display the weight of the heavy object.

  • Rated value alarm: When the lifting weight reaches the rated lifting weight When the lifting capacity reaches 100% of the rated lifting weight, an intermittent alarm sound will sound again, and the yellow indicator light will light up to display the weight of the heavy object.

  • Immediate alarm: When the lifting force reaches 105% of the rated lifting weight, a continuous alarm sound will sound again, and the red indicator will The light turns on, and the power supply to the crane's lifting contactor is automatically cut off after a delay of 2 seconds, and the weight of the heavy object is displayed at the same time.

  1. Static strength of the sensor: The static strength of the sensor is 1.5 times the rated load.

  2. Working temperature: -20'℃-+60°C:

  3. Relative humidity: 20%--95%

  4. Power supply voltage: AC380V, 50HZ, power consumption 5W or according to user requirements;

  5. Relay contact capacity: Relay shock capacity is AC380V.3A;

  6. The withstand voltage of the controller: 2000V

  7. Display mode: single four-digit high-brightness LED (red) digital display of lifting weight, decimal point automatically switches


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