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HD Single Girder Overhead Crane

  • Introduction:

The design of HD single girder overhead bridge cranes follows international standards such as DIN (Germany), FEM (Europe), ISO (International), and has advantages such as strong rigidity, lightweight, and outstanding structural design. The HD electric single-beam crane is composed of a crane traveling mechanism (end carriage), main beam, European standard electric hoist, variable frequency lifting electrical system, etc.  It can effectively save factory space and investment costs. The unique walking structure makes it your best choice.

This crane is widely used in material handling sites such as workshops and warehouses in industries such as mechanical manufacturing, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemicals, ports, railways, civil aviation, power, food, papermaking, building materials, electronics, etc. Especially suitable for material handling that requires precise positioning, precision assembly of large components, and other occasions.

  • Parameters:

  1. Capacity: 1, 2, 3.2, 5, 10, 12.5 tons (T), etc.;

  2. Span of 7.5m~25.5m;

  3. Working duty: A5;

  4. Lifting height: 6-12 meters;

  5. Control: ground operation (ground wired pendants, wireless remote control, wired+wireless operation);

  6. The ambient temperature: -25-40 ℃;

  7. Do not use it with fire, explosion, or corrosive media;

  8. Do not use it in frequent and severe vibration;

  9. Not suitable for lifting molten metals, toxic substances, and flammable and explosive materials.

HD Single Girder Gantry Crane
  • Features:

  1. Computer-optimized design of box-typed main girder, the full length of web plate is cut and formed through numerical control and its deflection is accurate.

  2. The low clearance structure of the trolley and the reasonable size of the hook allow the crane wide application scope.

  3. Arc wheels or flat wheels, anti-friction bearings, honey-typed buffers, and anti-derailment devices.

  4. Gear motor drive, steeples speed control, hardened reducer, safety disc brake.

  5. Good performance runs smoothly with the steeples speed control

  6. Shot blasting grade reaches Sa2.5 after welding and releasing internal stresses to ensure the best performance of the main girder.

  7. Painting epoxy zinc-rich primer and the thickness of oil film is 140 μm.

  8. Power supply through conductor rails.

  9. Phase protection; automatically disconnect main power when phase stagger occurs.

  10. The crane and hoist are mutually independent and can travel at the same time.

  11. Conductor rails meet the requirement of power supply and adapt shaking.

  12. Etch-proof control handle with protection degree IP54.

  13. Heavy-duty aviation plug.

  14. Electrical components are equipped in a position that is convenient to maintain, and with good protection to avoid inadvertent contact.

  15. Electric cable is suspended in a cable trolley which slides flexibly and smoothly on a C-tracks.


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